Copper Horse vineyard Wine Labels

Freelance Client
Winter 2017

Wine Label design for Arizona-based wine makers. Originally I was tasked to created the logo for their company, and we knew from the beginning of he design process that we wanted something that would stand out on a black label and be the focus of the label. The labels were printed on metallic paper with the colored text and lines knocked out to produce a metalic affect on those features, while black and white features remain solid matte finished, for this original short run. For the larger run next year the plan is to emboss the logo and title. The wine will be bottled and distributed in Spring of 2017. For more projects with this brand see logos.

Front Label Design

Back Label Design

Mock up of the labels on the bottle

Mock up of the front label on the bottle

Mock up of the back label on the bottle

Six Strawberries Ice-pop Labels

Freelance Client
Fall 2015

Packaging Design for Six Strawberries Ice-Pops. The aim of this project was to bring the rebrand to the label in a way that continued the fun while clean and classy style. The Six Strawberries look and feel aims to appear handmade and specialty as well as quality, so we went with strong pops of color juxtaposed next to crisp white and modern typefaces. For more projects with this brand see logos, print design, and painted signs.

Morsel syrup packaging

Freelance Client
Spring 2014

These labels were created for a line of home-made syrups Morsel planned to produce and sell out of their shop. Since these would be small batch productions and wanted the flexibility of creating seasonal flavors we had to problem solve how to make these most cost efficient. Our solution was to print the front circle logo and base-layer yellow sticker with streamlined info in bulk through a label company that would print them on a condensation-proof material, then the colored flavor descriptor would be printed through a sticker company in smaller batches and stuck on top. The base sticker would have space for writing on in the event of new flavors that weren't able to get their own sticker, and space to write in expiration dates and batch numbers. Production of these was put on hold when the restaurant went through management changes. For more projects with this brand see logos, print design, chalk signs and painted signs.

Mostly Muffins - Lucky Lou Doughnuts

Quesinberry and Associates Client
Art Directed by Wendy Quesinberry
Fall 2008

The client, a seattle based bakery specializing in wrapped cookies and pastries for cafes, wanted to expand their line into doughnuts sold out of grocery stores. They wanted something fun and eye-catching, hinting at the name of the brand. The team I worked with came up with the dots, color scheme and fonts. while I was brought on to incorporate the meaning of the name into the brand. After drawing up many characters that could be the supposed Lou, from a gold miner who mined doughnuts, to a rabbit that got it's foot back, we decided on the horse shoe direction with Lou being a mysterious figure always slightly out of bounds that added mystery and intrigue to the fun brand. Altogether we designed a line of packaging with box labels, stickers, shelf tags, temporary tattoos and even a car wrap design for their delivery van.

Boca Grande Salsa

NCA Student Project

Boca Grande Salsa needed a product that would stand out on a shelf amongst many different kinds of salsas at the specialty store they would be selling these at, that also differentiated their unique flavors. I brought in colors and graphics that illustrated the title's meaning of "big mouth" that were fun and stylized to convey the point in a way I thought would stand apart and draw attention. For more projects with this brand see logos.

Helios Beer

NCA Student Project

The goal of this project was to rebrand a line of popular local beers in a way that illustrated it's namesake in a stylish and attractive way. With this brand, "Helios" being named after the sun in Greek, I wanted to bring in golds that would also highlight the golden quality of the beer. Influenced by greek vases I picked this two-tone color palette with thin elegant lines and brought in the bubbly patterning to convey the light quality of it as well as drive home the sun symbolism.