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Album and Promotional Design


Fall 2014

Pepper Proud-  2nd Album

Pepper Proud is a Northwest based Folk Singer/Songwriter, who is on a journey to make an album inspired by each of the 4 elements, each one being a chapter in a larger collection of music she's calling "Elementary School". This first in the series titled water, and has a much more ethereal, new-age sound than her previous album. In the art I explore the abstraction of a snowflake with the sacred geometry symbol for water and pair if with soft sparse text and imagery that touch on other aspects of the element. The album art will be tied together throughout the series with the old book-like borders and small caps type that carry over to the spine where togther in a row they will appear as books on a shelf.
More info available on Pepper's website

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July 2013

Annie Ford Band Album

Annie Ford is a Seattle based Country Roots band with an Americana style that ranges from heatbreaking ballads to uptempo dance music, led by Virginia native and talented fiddle player Annie Ford. Because the feel of the album ranges in energies we wanted to bring into the design both a feeling of depth and of joy. We based the design around the cover photo, taken by Ford through a keyhole of an abandoned ghost town home and allowed that to dictate color scheme and theme. Me used the metaphor of a house to tie the design together while complementing the Americana sound and lyrical themes.
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September 2012

Pepper Proud Album

Pepper Proud is a Northwest based Folk Singer/Songwriter, originally from West Virginia whose musical style is characterized by a beautiful orchestrated compositions with powerful clear vocals, combined with an old appalachian traditional feel and thoughtful lyrics. Her CD needed to look both traditional and contemporary, to attract the right audience as well as feel organic and uncluttered by the artist's request. 
More info available on Pepper's website

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